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Comments from students and parents:


Practicing Shaolin Qigong & Kung Fu definitely strengthened my body, re-adjusted my spine and improved mind-focus. I am thankful to all my Shaolin Teachers and their genuine training since I feel healthier, more active and fresh throughout the day.


Philip Tambakis

After studying with Shifu Kwong at the Westchester branch of Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters for a time, he saw what was needed for my continued progress and introduced me to Shifu Lan Chao Hai. I have stayed on as a disciple of Shifu as a result of his generosity, diligent instruction, and depth of knowledge. What makes Shifu different from other instructors is not only his eye for detail, or giving each individual student the attention needed to progress, but the fact that he sees our school and Shaolin Kung Fu in a larger cultural context. The time spent working hard with consistent effort proves beneficial for each student, the class as a whole, and the entire community.


Hongik Ki (Peter)

I studied Kung Fu for over a year now and I became much more active and I am able to do some cool things. Well when I just started I struggled because I didn’t do anything for almost 2 years, I just stayed home ate, play, sleep this made me fat and sick pretty much. However, after some time I started getting healthier and started to get in shape again. Then as time went on I learned many new forms and many new moves and I was able to go to performances and competitions. That’s not all I was able to meet slot of new people from different cultures and learn new things from them too. These thing make Kung Fu mean so much to me. It’s like part of my life now. I believe that Kung Fu is good for your health and it’s good way to interact with people and experience new things.


James Xue  

Through out the months I learned Kung fu, I realized that there is more than high kicks and acrobatic forms. Kung fu teaches you each movement practical and can be used to defend against an attack. Kung fu also trains your mind and your body to develop a coordination and confidence. Kung fu improves health, flexibility, and strengthening different part of the body. Kung fu means to have fate in yourself, learn to have teamwork, and not giving up easily.


 Father of Annika and Lianna Fan

The New York Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center is wonderful. It has given my two children unique skills that will improve their lives in many aspects, especially physically, mentally and has even brought us closer together as a family.

What makes this class different than any other class that I have sent my children to is the phenomenal teacher. From the very beginning I could tell that Master Lan really cares about and likes children.  He is able to balance discipline and fun during class so the children listen, concentrate and have fun at the same time. In addition, every child in the class is given the attention they need to grow.

I wish for the continued success of this school. 


The parents of Natanel and Anaya Rozic

Last summer, we enrolled our two kids in New York Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center. At the beginning, it was tough for the kids to learn the kung fu forms and the training was vigorous. However, after just 3 months, we were able to see an adjustment in our kids’ performance in kung fu.

They started to enjoy being in the kung fu class and in practicing at home. We also noticed that their health in general have improved and they have built up a remarkable stamina.

Master Lan is a dedicated kung fu teacher. He proved himself to be an experienced kung fu teacher by introducing various techniques to improve the skills of his students. He always challenges his student to excel in their kung fu skills.

We are very pleased to find this gem in our neighborhood. We truly think that learning and practicing kung fu is vital in today’s society.


The parents of Tim Zou

At first, I want my son to learn martial art is because I consent about his health.  My son is allergic to egg, nuts, wheat and seafood.  So he can’t eat any food that contain those allergens.  I always worry about if he doesn’t get enough nutrition.   Now my son has been learning Kung fu in New York Shaolin temple for six months.  He is really into Kung fu, and he loves his Shifu.  He couldn’t stop talking about his Shifu at home. And he keeps practicing what he learned, even when we walking on the street.  Most of all, I can see obviously change to my son emotionally and physically.  He is more confident.  He becomes so focused on learning.  And he eats much more than before and he gains fit.  I am glad that I made the right decision.


The parents of Jeremy and Melody Zheng

I am Very impressive that my Jeremy changed a lot since he started lesson with ShiFu for only couple month.  Now he improved in balancing, and he fellow ShiFu’s instruction, even answers questions, most importantly, Jeremy likes ShiFu, because KungFu Class is the only class he wants to go now. (I registed many other classes for him, but he just gives up after a few tries).  I am really appreciated ShiFu’s hardworking.


My Melody is very shy and introvert. She never speaks up even when she got hurt by classmate.  Since she learned Kungfu.  She became more confident.  And she stared participating in class.  Plus she improves her fitness, she run much faster than other kids with same age.  I am glad to have KungFu class for my kids.  And sincerely thanks ShiFu Again.


Justin Lee的家长

中華武術是中國傳統文化的重要構成,淵源流長,博大精深。在中國長大的自己也想在美國出生的孩子學習一些中國傳統文化,所以我們就為從小就精力旺盛的Justin選擇了少林寺。幸運的是Justin也喜歡功夫。學功夫明顯的領他變得強壯、有自信。在籃超海師父的悉心教導之下,一群弟子的功夫水平有極大的進步。所謂嚴師出高徒,確是沒有錯。在籃師傅的帶領下,Justin可以和一班志同道合的朋友一起練習武術和參加不同場合的武術演出, 也為他增加了不同的人生經驗。我相信籃超海師父和弟子們今後一定會把中國武術更加發揚光大,令更多人認識和學習中國武術。加油!


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